Petroleum & Petrochemicals

ZAKHEM served the petrochemicals industry in a variety of successful projects. In the petroleum industry, the Group has implemented major projects related to:

Cross-country Pipeline

Oil and gas pipeline activities include the installation of river crossings by the horizontal directional drilling technique.

The history of pipeline projects at ZAKHEM dates back to the mid-1960s when the company successfully completed the installation of 600-kilometer-long gas pipelines in Iraq with 16-inch and 8-inch diameters. The company also participated in the Construction of the Shivy pipeline in India.

Since then, the group successfully delivered major oil, water and gas pipeline projects in UAE, Qatar, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Libya, Ghana and Algeria.

In Nigeria, ZAKHEM has introduced major and unique technological advances in pipeline construction. It was the first company to adopt the automatic welding system to ensure quality and increase speed. Similarly, the group was the first to employ horizontal directional drilling for pipeline crossings.