The Road to Success

If historians interpret the past, engineers must predict and gauge the future.

Two brothers, George and Abdallah Zakhem, both qualified engineers, in their prediction of the construction boom in the middle eastern countries, founded a company in Beirut in 1964, seeking to embrace the entire region and beyond.
Their ambition was correct as, in that same year, they were awarded a major contract in Iraq, followed by
successive contracts in the area.



50 years on, the company has completed a variety of engineering and construction projects in 32 countries spread over 4 continents. More than 9,000 KM of oil and gas pipelines, up to and including 48 inch diameter, have been laid; oil storage facilities and terminals have been built and water supply projects, including purification and distribution, were constructed.

Five star hotels, hospitals, commercial and residential buildings including roads and highways were also built in few countries. Industrial plants, compressor stations, and power generation plants up to 250 MGW were also constructed in different African and Middle Eastern countries.

Our Web illustrates all types of projects that were executed by the group.

The order books invariably show a healthy growth with the corresponding increase in our group turnover.

We consider this a well-earned success which we shall continue to pursue in the years ahead. And it will be achieved, as it always has, by a steely determination and enthusiasm, combined with relentless hard work and an ingrained honesty.