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24" Gas Pipeline to Abeokuta

This fast track EPC contract valued at US$ 49.60 million was awarded to Zakhem Construction Nigeria Limited by the Nigerian Gas Company Limited (NGC), a subsidiary of the Nigerian National Oil Company (NNPC). The project commenced in January 2007 with a contract completion period of 30 weeks.

The scope of works includes:

  • 35kms of  24" dia class 600 pipeline with design capacity of 250 mmscfd from the Intermediate Pig Launching Station on the ELP Itoki / Papalanto transmission pipeline to Abeokuta.

  • Tie in to Intermediate Pig Launching Station with all associated new pigging facilities.

  • New class 600 receiving station at AbeokutaCity Gate to supply the Onijaganjagan Industrial Estate processing 100 mmscfd including all station processing facilities, civil infrastructure and distribution to connection points for future users.

  • Provision of all as built documentation along with operation and maintenance manuals.

  • Supply of three years spare parts for maintenance and operation.

  • Training of National Gas Company Limited (NGC) operations and maintenance personnel.

Gas Supply to Power Plants at Geregu - Phase 1 & Phase 2 - Nigeria

This fast track EPC contract commencing May 2006 controlled by the Nigerian Gas Company for the Nigerian National Petroleum Company (NNPC) is valued at US$ 220.51 million and will be completed in 20 months.

Phase 1

4.50kms of 18” dia gas pipeline connecting the existing metering station at Ajaokuta to to Phase 1 of the power plant at Gerugu (presently under construction by others) and the upgrading of the existing Ajaokuta metering station. Linepipe for this part of the project is to be supplied by the client and works are to be completed in 5 months.

Phase 2

196kms of 36” dia gas pipeline from Ajaokuta to Oben where the pipeline ties in to the existing Escravos – Lagos Pipeline. Included in the works is an intermediate pigging station and new metering station at Ajaokuta. This phase of the project will be completed in 20 months.

Gazoduc Med/GZ4 48" Troncon Nord - PC4 Sougueur - Arzew - Algeria

Zakhem International Construction Limited in consortium with the Algerian company Khanagaz signed a contract with Sonatrach for the engineering, procurement and construction of the 218 kms of 48" and 3 kms of 32" gas pipeline from Sougueur to the terminal at Arzew, part of the network to supply natural gas from Algeria to Spain.

The project valued at US$ 95.41 million will be designed and constructed within a period of 20 months starting from the contract signing which took place on 6 February 2006.

[ Project Route Sougueur to Arzew ]

Mr Abdallah Zakhem pictured here at the signing ceremony on the 6th February 2006

Work is now underway with the engineering/design in order to enable the procurement to proceed. The 48" dia linepipe is to be supplied by the client all other linepipe and materials are to be procured by the consortium.

[ Signing Ceremony ]

Construction et Bitumage de la Route Fatick to Bambay - Senegal

Project for engineering, procurement & construction of 40 kms of road between Fatick & Bambay for the Agence Autonome des Travaux Routiers (AATR) awarded to Zakhem Construction Senegal SA in February 2006. The project value US$ 11.00 and project length 12 months.

Click here for further Details:

Ethanol Blending Project ( Phase 1 ) - Nigeria

This EPC contract awarded by Nigerian National Petroleum Company (NNPC) to Zakhem Construction Nigeria Limited was signed on 6th February 2006 and the contract commenced on 6th March 2006. The 6 month project valued at US$ 9.50 million is for modification of existing tanks at the Atas Cove terminal and storage depot in Mosimi to enable the storage of ethanol in existing tanks. Included is all associated pipework, fire detection & fighting systems and all control systems. Engineering is now underway in Nigeria.

SAI Republique Building - Senegal

Project for the rehabilitation and extension of a nine story office building in Dakar City center. The work includes excavation, raft foundation construction, concrete structural works, demolition and masonry works, finishing works (false ceiling, tiling, painting…), as a well as the electro-mechanical works. The new works total some 1,400m and renovation works to the existing building are some 2800m. The contract was awarded in February 2006 by SAI Republique to Zakhem Construction Senegal SA with a value of US$ 1,000,000. Works are underway and approximately 3% complete.


Project Updates

Accra Plains Depot Strategic Storage Project - Ghana

Turnkey project starting in August 2004  for the Bulk Oil Storage & Transportation Company Limited comprises 4 No 20,000m tanks, 2 No fixed roof tanks for diesel and 2 No floating roof for petroleum along with all associated civils work, fire fighting and control systems and upgrading of existing facilities. The project valued at US$ 20.90 million with additional works of over US$ 1.15 million is now 97% complete and steadily heading for completion. The initial project period of 15 months has been extended while operational requirements and exact requirements were determine by the client. 

See the project pictures:

Buipe & Bolgatanga Depot Expansion - Ghana

Turnkey project starting in May 2005  for the Bulk Oil Storage & Transportation Company Limited in two locations. Each location with 3 No tanks each of 10,000m  ( 2 No Fixed Roof Diesel Storage and 1 No Floating Roof Petroleum Storage) a total tankage of 60,000m. Project includes all associated mechanical works, electrical, control & instrumentation works along with all firefighting and fire detention facilities. Upgrading of existing facilities at Buipe Depot.

The initial contract valued at US$ 23.80 million has additional works totaling US$ 2.19 million, with a 16 month contract period is now 65% complete.

See the project pictures:

Rehabilitation of the Oil Storage Terminal at Bonny Island - Nigeria

This contract with The Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited for the Rehabilitation of Oil Storage Terminal at Bonny Island valued initially at US$ 65 million now with additional works the project has increased to a total of US$89 million. The project is now three years into its  initial 5 year construction period and works carried out in the on line terminal  are on schedule. The refurbishment works are on 22 No tanks of varying diameter, 33.5m to 76.3m and of varying capacities, 10,000m, 35,000m, 41,000m, 67,000m and 105,000m, of both fixed and floating roof type. 

This 5 year project is about to be extended a further 3 years, necessary to conclude the works, this is partly due to the extent of works being carried out for each tank and the restrictions placed on works due to their execution within an operating facility.

Click below and see the typical process of refurbishment from beginning to end. 

See the Refurbishment Process:

L'Universite du Futur Africain (UFA) - Senegal

This contract for Projet de Construction et de Rehabilitation du Patrimoine de L'Etat (PCRPE) valued at US$ 20.40 million with a construction period of 50 months is now well underway, the feasibility study and development stage being completed the execution of the works is now 65% completed. The structures being completed are as follows:

1 No Administration Building with floor area of 5,000 m
2 No Faculty Buildings each with an amphitheatre and floor area each 6,500m a total 13,000m.
1 No Library Building with floor area of 7,000m.

The library building is a particularly complex structure of three story's in the form of an inverted pyramid. See the pictures of this building along with the pictures of the other buildings on the projects web page by clicking button below:

See project Web Page for latest pictures:

Construction of the Lat Dior Stadium - Thies - Senegal

This contract valued at US$ 4.00 million plus additional works of $200,000 is Zakhem Construction

Senegal SA's second for Projet de Construction et de Rehabilitation du Patrimoine de L'Etat (PCRPE) was signed on the 21 October 2003 and with a project period of 18 months is now 90% complete. Works have been effectively suspended by the client since January 2005.

The project comprises the rehabilitation and extension of a 5,000 seat stadium to one with a capacity of 15,000, the construction of an 8 lane all weather athletics track, the construction of an indoor basketball court all with associated services.

See project Web Page for latest pictures:

Ajaokuta to Obajana Gas Pipeline - Nigeria

Project for the construction of  90kms of 18" gas pipeline for Obajana Cement Plc awarded in February 2004 and valued at US$ 12.80 million. The works included the pipe line & a metering station, for full details and status of project click below to open the project web page.

See project Web Page for latest pictures:

Mosimi Ore Pipeline Rehabilitation - Nigeria

This major EPC pipeline rehabilitation project for the Nigerian National Petroleum Company (NNPC) comprises the rehabilitation of 152Kms of 12" dia product pipeline commenced in February  2005 and is now 94% complete. The project valued at US$ 42.00 million.

See project web Page for further details & project pictures:

Refurbishment & Extension to Popongine Gendarmarie - Senegal

For project details & project pictures click here:

Road Work Projects - Senegal

For project details & project pictures click here:

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